My inspiration has arrived!

My inspiration for this blog has arrived!


I have been a mother now for nine whole days. Miss Ingrid Rose made her grand appearance on July 27, 2015, at 6:49 p.m. She was a perfect 7 lbs., 5 oz. and 19.5 inches long.

My husband and I have spent the last nine days cat-napping (barely), eating (sometimes), staring at our little lady (always), taking hundreds of pictures (in between phone charges), and trying to figure out this parenting business (work in progress).

IMG_6127 IMG_6121

Through her cries, Miss Ingrid came into this world ready to communicate with us. She does a great job letting us know when something is wrong. We just have to be smart enough to figure out what she needs! So far, her cries have let us know when she is hungry, gassy, in need of a diaper change, has cold feet or just wants to be snuggled.

I recently had a friend tell me that the days with a newborn can seem long, but the weeks will fly by. I have already experienced this in the past week. Where has the first week of her life gone?

I am excited for the adventures we will have around the city, but right now I am soaking up every ounce of her newborn baby sweetness at home! Many adventures will come…once we sleep more than three hours a night.