Star Box Play for Baby

I love Pinterest almost as much as I love Instagram. With Pinterest, I can type any of my thoughts into the search engine and inevitably someone, somewhere has come up with an activity or craft that matches my thoughts! Recently, I was trying to find ideas on how to use a cardboard box to entertain babies (strange, I know) and came across CanDo Kiddo’s stargazing box.


This is so simple to make, yet so entertaining for the little ones.

Supplies: A cardboard box, Christmas lights, a knife, and packing tape (if your box isn’t already put together).


Steps: Put the box together and place it on it’s side, cut “X”s with the knife in different parts of the box to make holes for the Christmas lights, poke the lights through the holes, and voila! It’s ready for cuddly baby amazement.

 IMG_6902 IMG_6904 IMG_6909

In addition to entertainment and attention building, CanDo Kiddo also recommends this activity for babies who prefer to turn their head to one side. My husband and I had been noticing our baby preferred to look to her left. By strategically placing the lights on the right side and top of the box, we encouraged her to bring her head to the center and turn to look to her right. Success!

IMG_6919 IMG_6921

The stargazing box is also a great motivator during tummy time.


I trialed tummy time in the box to see what she would do. When I placed her on her stomach in the box, it was the highest I had seen her lift her head! Now all I need to do is position the lights to the back of the box for her to bring her head to the center!

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Star Box Play for Baby

  1. The kids had a great time playing in the box when it was done. It turned out to be a favorite sensory play activity for both of the infants, but the older kids wanted a giant box.  I think that if the box was bigger the older kids would have enjoyed it even more.

    1. I agree with the bigger box idea! Now that my girl is crawling I am thinking about doing this with a larger box she can crawl through!

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