Hurry and Get Outside!

Can you believe the weather we’ve been having this fall?! This indian summer has provided many wonderful opportunities for the little one and me to enjoy nature. However, it’s the middle of November, so I can only imagine our days are numbered until winter sets in. Hurry and get outside before it’s too late.


Say-n-Play Columbus had another play-date with Annette Ferraro Photography, this week. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, by playing outside and experiencing all of the textures and colors that fall has to offer. As you can see from her gorgeous photos, we had a great day!

For our outdoor adventure, we picked a park close to home. Then, we scouted the park for a tree with gorgeous leaves. The tree pictured above was perfect to sit underneath, as the girls enjoyed watching the sun twinkle through it’s leaves.

While sitting under the tree, we picked up the fallen leaves laying around us. We helped our girls work on reaching and grasping around the whole leaf and the stem. As they honed their sense of touch, we talked to them about how the leaves felt in their hands (rough/smooth, wet/dry) and listened to the crunchy sound the leaves would make when they crushed them in their hands.

DSC_5627DSC_5636 DSC_5635

We then took a short nature walk around the tree. We worked on reaching out and grabbing the leaves (I think our girls were strong enough to pull the leaf off the branch!). While walking, we talked about the various colors, shapes, and sizes of the leaves.


Regardless of how you spend your November adventure, enjoy the time with your baby during the remaining days of this gorgeous fall!


Again, photos (and adorable playmate) courtesy of Annette Ferraro Photography. A local photographer here in Columbus. Check her out!

Baby Ice Painting

Baby school was in session this week, and these two cuties spent the time in class “ice painting.” Ice painting is a simple activity you can do at home with your baby (or older kiddo), to create beautiful pieces of art. At a little over three-months-old, these girls are soaking up everything in their environment. This ice painting activity is an excellent way for your child to experience colors, different sensations (COLD!), and cause and effect (the ice melts to create beautiful art).


Materials Needed: Ice cubes with two drops of food coloring in each cube; paper (preferably porous paper to absorb the water); gallon-size freezer bags; and cookie sheets.


Set Up: Place the paper in the freezer bag with one to two ice cubes and zip the bag shut. Place the freezer bag on the cookie sheet in case of leaks. Then, as the ice begins to melt, help your little one move the cubes around the paper. The melting cubes will leave behind trails of color to create a mini masterpiece.


Try this activity in the tummy time position to encourage neck strength and mobility.

DSC_5114 DSC_5112

Or, try this activity with baby on your lap to improve hand-eye coordination. Regardless of position, develop your child’s understanding of descriptive language by talking to her about what is happening. Talk about the colors of the ice cubes and what happens as the colors mix together. Talk about how the ice feels (Brrr!). Talk about how the melting ice is leaving streaks of color.

DSC_5171 DSC_5152

Once your little one has had enough time to “paint,” dab the paper dry with a paper towel. After giving it time to fully dry, you will have a gorgeous piece of artwork made by your little babe! Make sure you show it off to her adoring fans!


Photos (and adorable playmate) courtesy of Annette Ferraro Photography. A local photographer here in Columbus. Check her out!

Balloon Kicking Fun

I was searching Pinterest again for a simple way to entertain my baby and found another winner from CanDo Kiddo. This balloon kicking activity is so much fun and a wonderful learning opportunity for your little one. The activity hones your child’s ability to recognize cause and effect, and gross motor skills.

This activity is recommended for babies one-month-old to five-months-old. Considering all babies reach developmental milestones at different times, it should be noted this activity is recommended for those babies who are not yet truly mobile and grasping/mouthing objects. If you have a crawler on your hands, this activity isn’t for her.

It is important to supervise your baby while doing this activity. Do not leave her unattended!


For this activity, you need one or two helium balloons with around three feet of string tied to each of them. I picked these balloons up at the local grocery store for $1 each. Then make a loop in each of the strings and place them around each of your baby’s feet. After that, sit back and watch her go!

This activity targets gross motor skills through kicking. Kicking is important to strengthen your baby’s leg and belly muscles.

The movement of the balloons addresses a baby’s understanding of cause and effect. Cause and effect is the relationship between an action and its outcome. So, each time your baby kicks, it causes the balloons to move. Through this type of play, your baby will learn that her actions cause things to change in her environment. Understanding cause and effect is important in developing language skills, because it is the foundation of communicating intentionally, verbally and non-verbally. When your baby is three to six-months-old, she begins to learn that her behavior results in a response from her parent. For example, when she cries (action) she will then be changed or fed (outcome).

My baby had so much fun kicking the balloons around…and as you can see from the picture above, our cat had a wonderful time, too!

Have fun building your baby’s gross motor skills, and cause and effect understanding!