Ways to Say-n-Play with baby 0-6 Months

I blinked and my newborn baby is now six-months-old! I had a friend once tell me the days with a baby are long, but the months are fast! Oh, how true. The past six months gives new meaning to the phrase “time flies.”


With baby reaching six-months-old, I have been reflecting on her favorite toys and the activities that we have done together. I remember how hard it was to find toys that were both developmentally appropriate and entertaining for her when she was so young. To help out other parents who may be pondering the same thing, I have listed her top 10 favorite toys from the past 6 months. Kid tested; over-analyzing mother approved…

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  • Madame Alexander Play With Me Ladybug – Activity Toy
  • Art for Baby: Helps increase baby’s attention and visual abilities

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I was looking back on my posts since baby girl was born. Below, I have listed links to all the ways we have played over the past 6 months.

Books: Reading aloud to babies and young children well before they are of speaking age is an important bonding experience because it encourages vocabulary development and improves communication skills.


Smelling Activity: Introducing babies to a variety of smells supports the development of the olfactory system.


Star Box: Entertainment, attention building, and encourage baby to turn head a certain direction.


Balloon Kicking: An activity to promote gross motor and cause and effect abilities.


Ice Painting: An excellent way for your child to experience colors, different sensations (COLD!), and cause and effect (the ice melts to create beautiful art).


Fall: An outdoor exploring experience to heighten all of baby’s senses.


Salt Dough Ornaments: A texture and memory making activity.


Road Trip!: How to entertain baby on a road trip.


Pulling Box: A tactile and visual experience for baby.


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