Smelling Jars

When baby girl was 2 months old we did this smelling activity. Now that she is older and getting into everything, I wanted to put together these smelling jars. This activity allows her to experience a variety of smells to continue to support the development of her olfactory system and expand her sense of smell.


For this activity, I used items found at home to put the jars together.

Supplies: baby food jars, duck tape, and a variety of items with distinct and strong smells. I used coffee, oregano, lime juice (on a cotton ball), vanilla extract (on a cotton ball), and cinnamon. You could use a variety of herbs, spices, or citrus smells.

IMG_4947 IMG_4949

Baby girl had a great time exploring these smelling jars. She expanded on the initial activity of smelling to include tasting, feeling, and shaking the containers.

IMG_3059 IMG_3072

We also used our jars as blocks. We built a tower and used the words up and on and then knocked it down using the words crash and down. So entertaining!

IMG_3076 IMG_3077

Be sure to expose your baby to language while you do the activity. Explain to your baby what you are doing (e.g. “Let’s smell the coffee together!”). If your child reacts to the smell, you can comment on the reaction (“Oh, you didn’t like the coffee! Was the smell too strong for you?”). Remember, your baby is watching you while you talk and taking in everything you are saying.

Light Box for Baby

A few people have asked how we put our light box together. I thought there might be more questions out there, so I put together this how-to for our light box for baby. This activity was inspired by Pinterest, so you can also do a Pinterest search for variations on this light box.


Supplies: Clear plastic container (a 32 Qt container that fits under the bed is pictured) and Christmas lights.


Spread the Christmas lights at the bottom of the container. Pull the end of the Christmas lights out at one corner. Put the lid back on (it will fit over the lights). Plug it in and you are good to go!

I then searched the house for items to place on the box. For one activity, I filled a gallon size bag with water and bingo chips. (Make sure you reinforce all sides with duck tape to keep the water in!) Baby girl was mesmerized with the movement of the water and the light shining through the bingo chips!


For another activity, I filled a gallon size bag with blue hair gel and glitter and taped it down to the lid of the box. Again, baby loved spreading the hair gel around and watching the light shine through.


This is a great sensory/play activity for baby to expose her to light/dark and manipulating objects. You can build baby’s language while you are playing with this by describing what she is feeling and seeing.

I am excited I will be able to use this light box as baby grows. Check out this link,  from The Artful Parent, for activities to do on a light box with older children.

What are some things you do on your light box?

8 Story Times in Cbus

Hi! I am Stacie from Little Adventures Await. Thanks to Signe for inviting me to guest post about story times in Columbus…

We all know and love our Columbus Metropolitan Library story times. You can find them at your local branch at a variety of age levels, and you can be assured that they have taken the time to pick the very best books.


If you ever want to try something new or the times just aren’t fitting your schedule, you can always try one of these places. I have linked directly to the story time pages:

Cover to Cover (Clintonville)
Tuesdays 10:30/Saturdays 11:00 (free)
This little bookstore is synonymous with Clintonville charm. Stop in during the week or after a visit to the farmers market for a few stories and some animal crackers. Jan picks out the greatest book themes!


Scioto Audubon (Downtown)
Thursdays/Saturdays 10:00 (free)
Be surrounded by nature and bird-watching in the gorgeous nature center during a nature-themed story time. Naturalists will share information about the animals and then you can take time to explore for yourselves.

Lily Limes (Worthington Mall)
2nd Tuesdays 10:30 (free)
Sit down on the ABC mat in the beautiful boutique and toy shop, right outside of the mall playground.

Delaware Parks and Preservation
Various times during the month (free)
Come for stories and then take a walk through one of the picturesque parks you may have never visited.

Barnes and Noble (multiple locations)
Times vary each week based on location (free)
With stores all over the city, it is easy to stop in for one of their story/activity times based on favorite authors or holidays. The link shows the Tremont store, but check your own store in the dropdown menu on the top left.


Naturally Curious Kids (Westerville)
Thursdays 11:30 (free)
Come for the stories, stay for the toys! I have heard great things about this store and can’t wait to pair it with a walk around uptown Westerville.

Metro Parks (multiple locations)
Times vary each week based on location (free)
There are Metro Parks in every corner of Columbus, and their mission is to educate about conservation and wildlife. Get ready to learn about Ohio animals with a story and then explore the park!

Stratford Ecological Center (Delaware)
2nd Tuesday of the month, March-November (free, but donations appreciated)
If you’ve read my blog, you know I love Stratford. I can’t think of a better combination than a story and time to play on the farm.

Franklin Park Conservatory (Downtown)
Thursdays 10:30 (free with admission)
Listen to a story that is paired with a hands-on activity, craft or tour of the conservatory. This is a brand new program the starts tomorrow (2/4/16), and based on my experience with their Saturday activities, it should be fantastic!

Thank you for letting me stop by, Signe! And join me over at Little Adventures Await for more fun in and around Columbus.