North Market Scavenger Hunt

The North Market is located just west of N. High St. between Vine and Spruce St. It is the only public market in central Ohio and and is home to more than 30 merchants. The North Market offers a variety of foods, sights, and sounds. What better way to explore the hustle and bustle of this public market than with a scavenger hunt.


Before you set off for your scavenger hunt adventure, print the list provided below. Prepare for the scavenger hunt ahead of time by going over the items on the list. Talk about the different types of items you will be searching for and where these items might be located. Some might be up high, some in food stands, and some might be outside.

Check each item off the list (or take a picture!) as you go. Help your child label the items she finds and describe where those items are located. This activity will help expand your child’s vocabulary (labeling items) and expand your child’s expressive language by using spacial concepts to describe location (e.g. on, in, over, under).


PDF Version Here

Once you have completed the scavenger hunt, stay for a treat or for lunch. Be sure to check out Little Adventures Await, North Market for Kids, to help navigate your way into the market and guide your way to some of the not to be missed food.

Have Fun!

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