Copper Pearl: Multi-Use Cover

When I was pregnant and putting my baby registry together, I didn’t include a multi-use cover. In truth, I didn’t even know multi-use covers existed! It wasn’t until my baby girl was four-months old that I had the opportunity to  partner with Copper Pearl to try one out. Let me tell you, their multi-use cover with a 3-in-1 design is amazing. After the first day, I was in love!


This cover can be used as a privacy screen during nursing, a cover over shopping cart seats, and a cover over infant car seats to keep baby protected from Columbus’s ever-changing weather. I even wear it as a scarf at times (Bonus fourth purpose!). This cover is unique because it proves 360 degree coverage during nursing. You can wrap it around you and your little one so everything is completely hidden (babe, back, sides, etc.). Other nursing covers that I used left me feeling exposed and not quite as comfortable nursing in the company of others…and they certainly weren’t as functional or fashionable as the Copper Pearl cover. The Copper Pearl multi-use cover I’m using in the pictures is the “Harbor” design, but they offer several more designs from which to choose on their website. The fabric is an extremely soft rayon blend that is breathable and stretchy (but does not become stretched out).

IMG_3395 FullSizeRender-20

I love when baby products serve a multiple purposes, and this cover does in functional and fashionable ways. Expectant and new moms of Columbus, heed my advice! Add the Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover to your baby registry, today. You won’t want to go a day, let alone four months like I did, without it!