Engaging the Senses at the Farmers Market

Children experience their world through their senses: smell, sight, hear, taste, and touch.  A trip to the local farmers market is a multi-sensorial experience, which can further result in increasing your child’s language development.


Smell: The farmers market is full of smells. Take them all in as you visit each stall. Let your child pick out something to smell, such as, an herb or flower. Talk with your child about what she is smelling and use adjectives to describe the scent.

Sight: Your child will have the opportunity to see different shapes, colors, movements, and  textures while wandering around the farmers market. Compare and contrast the different colors of fruit, vegetables, and flowers.


Hear: There are many different sounds around the market including people talking and music playing. Try to locate a musician and sing along with the song or start a conversation with one of the farmers.


Taste: Find a sample of something your child has never tasted before. Use adjectives to describe how the food tastes.

Touch: Think of texture. Provide your child with the opportunity to touch a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and goods. Use adjectives to describe the texture of the item being handled.

A farmers market is a wonderful adventure for the senses. The best part is that the market changes with the seasons, so each week your child will have the opportunity to participate in a different sensorial adventure.

Below, I have provided a guide on engaging the senses at the farmers market. Take it with you the next time you visit your local farmers market.


Click Here for PDF

2 thoughts on “Engaging the Senses at the Farmers Market

  1. I love this! I always want to take my daughter (15 months) to things like this, but am sometimes at a loss for how to keep her interested! I think I’ll give the farmers market and your suggestions a try this weekend 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed this post:) We had so much fun with our 11 month old when we went to the farmers market with a different perspective! You will have to let me know how it goes!

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