Language in Daily Routines

Some weeks there is just no time. Between work, family commitments and household responsibilities there isn’t time for anything else. This post looks at promoting language development in daily routines. No extra materials needed or mess to clean up. These routines are most likely being done in your household, so with a few changes you can turn them into a learning opportunity for your child.

Laundry: Laundry is a never-ending chore that your child can easily help with. It definitely takes a little longer, but it is a wonderful opportunity to build clothing vocabulary and help your child understand directions. When a wet piece of clothing is taken out of the washer, hand the clothing to your child and say “put the wet shirt in the dryer.” You can also help your child take clothing out of the the dryer and place in the basket. Label each piece of clothing as it comes out of the dryer.

Toys: Build “cleaning up your toys” into your child’s bedtime routine. Point out and label the toy that you want your child to pick up. Then direct her to the shelf and give her the command “put on” or “put in” paired with a point. You will be addressing vocabulary, spatial concepts, and following directions.

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Trash: If your child is anything like mine, she will find trash anywhere. If this is the case, give the simple command of “put in trash.” Show where the trashcan is and help place in the trash if needed.

Shoes: When walking in the door give the command “shoes off.” This will help your child add “shoes” to her vocabulary and follow a routine familiar command.

Groceries: Let your child help unpack the groceries. You can ask her to “take out the… ” to see if she can follow a command and identify a food. Then extend your hand and give the routine familiar routine, “give me.”

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Just a simple adjustment to include your child in daily routines can support overall language development and promote independence. Have fun!



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