5 Reasons to Start Swimming Early at Goldfish

I never thought I would take my daughter to her first organized swim lesson before she could walk. This past summer, my girl was so interested in water and swimming pools that she seemed almost fearless. So, when the opportunity for swim lessons became available, I decided that enrolling her at Goldfish Swim School would help her not just enjoy the water, but also learn how to actually swim. Looking back, I am so happy she had her first swim lesson shortly after turning a year old (your child can start as young as four-months old at Goldfish). Below, I am sharing five benefits my family has gained because our daughter started swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School at an early age.

Bonding Time: My daughter is enrolled in the Goldfish Mini 2 swim classes. In these classes, it is expected that one parent be in the water with their child for the entire lesson. Each week, my husband and I alternate swimming with our daughter. During dinner the other night, we recently discussed how much we look forward to the 30-minutes in the pool with our daughter. It is one-on-one, uninterrupted bonding time where she sings songs, practices her swim skills, and checks in for lots of hugs.

Bathtime Ease: Before we started swimming at Goldfish, baby girl had a hard time in the bath. She loved splashing around in the water, but when it came to getting her hair and face wet, she  refused. In the first few swim lessons, we learned tips and techniques to help baby girl become comfortable in the water. We then implemented these same tips and techniques from the pool into the bathtub. She loves bath time now! She willingly dips her face in the water and allows us to pour on her head without a fuss.

Water Safety: Goldfish instills the importance of water safety from the very first swim lesson. At just a year old, my daughter began learning how to “walk” her hands along the edge of the pool, climb out of the water, and fully submerge under water. With all of the water hazards a young toddler could encounter, I am grateful my daughter is learning to respect the pool, and be safe in and around water.

Coordination & Strength: Each week my husband and I are so impressed by how well our daughter is doing in her swim class. Each week, we have seen improvements in her leg kicks and arm strokes. She has even begun to do both at the same time. It is amazing to watch her strength and coordination increase as she continues with her swim lessons.

Following Directions: Each swim lesson is a great opportunity for your child to develop language skills. I have noticed my daughter’s biggest area of language growth is her ability to follow directions. Throughout the lessons, she follows simple directions from our wonderful instructor that involve a combination of actions and spatial concepts throughout the swim lesson. These one and two step instructions improve her attention and processing skills.

Starting swim lessons with my daughter at an early age has been a wonderful experience for our entire family. I truly cannot believe the growth she demonstrates daily both in and out of the pool. I attribute a lot of this growth to the lessons she has learned at Goldfish Swim School.

The Details: We are currently in the Goldfish Mini 2 class at Goldfish Swim School. We attend lessons at the Goldfish Swim School in Dublin, Ohio. Check out this link for location, address/telephone details and how to sign up for lessons.

Disclaimer: We were provided free swimming lessons by Goldfish Swim School in exchange for collaborating blog posts. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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