It’s in the Details at Goldfish Swim School

At 20 months old, there are few places that my daughter recognizes when we pull into the parking lot. Goldfish Swim School is on that short list. When we pull into the parking lot, I can immediately hear her clap her hands and shout, “Yay!” I don’t know if it’s the Goldfish logo, or something else that tips her off that we have arrived, but I do know that is not the only time she claps and shouts “Yay!” while we are there. While the small things from our visits to Goldfish may not be a big deal to some, it is these small details that make my girl’s day when we are there. Now that we have been attending class for a few months, I know what she gets excited about during our swim lessons, and I look forward to watching her face light up in these moments.

When we first arrive at Goldfish, we are immediately greeted by the ladies at the front desk. My daughter will walk in with a new hair-do or a baby doll, and the ladies behind the desk always notice and interact with her. My girl loves walking in by herself and greeting everyone; she especially looks forward to seeing her friend Dani (pictured below).

Goldfish has a lovely waiting room with books, toys, aquariums, and an art space. My daughter looks forward to drawing in the chalk area. She knows her routine: first change, then chalkboard. Once she changes, she makes a beeline for the chalk.

A five-minute warning is given before the next class begins. My daughter is just beginning to put together that when the warning is given, it is time to line up. At the start of the past few sessions, she has willingly put the chalk back into the bucket and made her way to the pool entrance when the five-minute warning is announced. Also, before each class there is an instructor at the entry door to give high-fives to each student on the way into class. My girl gets so excited in anticipation of giving a high-five.

The teaching staff is amazing! We have been so lucky to have Miss Mary as our instructor and cannot rave enough about her dedication and positive demeanor. Since we began lessons in August, Miss Mary has instructed nearly every single class we have attended. My daughter looks forward to seeing Miss Mary each week and will often follow directions better in the pool when they are given by Miss Mary, rather than her Mama or Dada. 🙂

It’s pretty amazing watching our tiny human learn to love swimming. To watch her growth the past seven months at Goldfish Swim School has been remarkable. I attribute it to the entire Goldfish team and the care that is put into the facility and instruction.

The Details: We are currently in the Goldfish Mini 2 class at Goldfish Swim School. We attend lessons at the Goldfish Swim School in Dublin, Ohio. Check out the link for location, address/telephone details and how to sign up for lessons.

Disclaimer: We were provided free swimming lessons by Goldfish Swim School in exchange for collaborating blog posts. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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