Summer Challenge #4: Explore a New Playground

This week the summer challenge is to find and explore a new playground.

5 Reasons to explore a new playground:

  1. Promote language skills: The playground is an easy way to build language practice into your day. Check out this link for how to have fun with language at the playground.
  2. An inexpensive way to spend the day: Playgrounds are free!
  3. An exciting way to burn off some energy: A new playground means lots to see and explore, so hopefully the kids will constantly be on the move and ready for a nap.
  4. Visit a new place and meet new people: Exploring in a new place will take you out of your comfort zone. Finding a new playground is a great way to see what other communities have to offer and meet some new people along the way.
  5. Contribute to a good cause: By using and reviewing playgrounds, you can encourage others in the neighborhood to make use of play spaces.

My hope is that each and every adventure will be different and exciting. Please connect and share your experiences using #saynplaythesummeraway.



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