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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for inviting me to share a bit of our busy life. I am Natasha from Tidy Little Kitchens – I am the proud mom of two wonderful boys (3 and 2!) and I run Tidy Little Kitchens out of my own home kitchen.

I have had my boys involved in the kitchen with me from the time they were born, when they were old enough to eat they got a taste of what we were cooking, and I talked to them constantly about what I was doing in the kitchen.

Now they crack eggs, stir batter, scoop and pour right alongside me. They love being involved in the whole process – from getting the right ingredients out of the fridge or pantry to seeing cakes and muffins rise in the oven and eggs cook on the stovetop.

I discovered that the learning possibilities in the kitchen are endless – we use everyday foods and tools for hands on learning: colours, descriptions, patterns and more

Hands down my favourite recipe to make with kids of all ages is Shish Kebobs. I use it for food identification, colors, patterns and hand eye co-ordination for my toddlers. For my older niece and nephew (and friends kids!) I use it for math (it’s great for fractions!), colour wheel, plant identification (nightshades, tomato as a fruit), even geography! (which country is the biggest exporter of mushrooms for example).

There are almost unlimited options for learning in the kitchen, and most of the time kids aren’t even aware that they are learning they are just enjoying being a part of the process. There’s a reason most parties wind up in the kitchen!

Here is my recipe for our Shish Kebobs

2 pounds meat of choice (I highly recommend marinating overnight)
3 peppers (Vary the colours)
1 red onion
2 zucchini (we were lucky to be able to grow both yellow and green)
1 pkg white button mushrooms

*if using wooden skewers remember to soak them at least 10 minutes prior to adding ingredients and grilling

Make sure to start and end with meat or a mushroom – it keeps all of the food from sliding off!

Thank you for letting me share in Take a Taste Tuesday – I look forward to interacting with you all again soon!

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