Peanut Butter and Little Free Pantries

Have you seen the Little Free Pantries popping up around town?  At first glance, the Little Free Pantry looks like a Little Free Library. Upon closer inspection it’s really quite different. For those in need, Little Free Pantries are used to meet everyday food and personal needs of people in need throughout Columbus. Regardless of location, the Little Free Pantry is stocked organically by the local community with non-perishable food and toiletries. Those who wish to contribute do so at their own discretion and convenience. Likewise, those in need are welcome to take items from the pantry for free.

Recently, Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Co. posted about the need for peanut butter in food pantries. When it comes to food drives, five cans of vegetables or soups are donated for each jar of peanut butter. “Peanut butter is a shelf-stable source of protein that food banks love and need. But oftentimes, the amount of peanut butter on the shelves runs out long before the expiration date on the labels.” Just check out the stats below to see why peanut butter makes such a good contribution to the local food banks.

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With these two things in mind, I reached out to Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Co. about a collaboration. Crazy Richard’s obliged and donated a generous amount of peanut butter. The donation provided an opportunity for me and my daughter to stock the pantries around town. The donation also provided me with the opportunity to write this post in order to raise awareness for the Little Free Pantries in our community and the importance of stocking those miniature shelves with peanut butter. What better peanut butter to stock the shelves with than Crazy Richard’s, a local company who didn’t think twice about agreeing to collaborate for the good of the community?

I have located 5 pantries in the Central Ohio area:

The corner of Ann & Sycamore St, Columbus, Ohio

686 S. Kellner Rd, Eastmoor, Ohio

2517 E. Livingston Ave, Columbus, Ohio

Alum Creek Dr. outside of LifePoint Church, Columbus, Ohio

4th Street Farms, Weinland Park, Ohio

If you are aware of another Little Free Pantry in the area that isn’t listed, please share in the comments.

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