What is Doughberry?

Recently, we received a special delivery from Doughberry and I am now excited to share our experience through a product review. Doughberry was created by a Seattle mama who set out to make the softest, silkiest and most imaginative playdough in all the land. And because she’s a child of the 80’s and her favorite toys were Strawberry Shortcake dolls and scratch n’ sniff stickers, it’s only natural that she make a scented dough. From vibrant Strawberry and Tangerine to mellow Vanilla and Lavender, there’s a variety for every child (and every parent too)!

We received four colors in four yummy scents: pink (grapefruit), orange (scented tangerine), green (scented lime), and purple (scented lavender). Each color was packaged separately in a 4 oz. airtight container and the bottom was marked with the corresponding scent.

Doughberry is made with all natural materials and scented with essential oils, which makes this dough safe for those tiny humans who might want to sneak a taste. Ingredients include: Flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil, baking flavors, essential oils, and food coloring gel. If left sitting out, this dough does dry out. But, unlike other dough, Doughberry can be brought back to life with a few drops of oil or water. Trust me, I left some out and experimented!

Play Experience

I love using dough to promote language development. In the time we spent exploring this jar of Doughberry, I modeled the action words: roll/pull/push/give, described the texture of the dough, and created faces. My daughter loved giving me the directions to create a “happy face/sad face” and then laughed when I followed through with her commands.  The scents are delicious and provides an opportunity to discuss how we smell and how each jar smells different. The scents incorporate a whole new set of vocabulary words and experiences and is something she doesn’t experience from other unscented dough.

A Few More Thoughts

The first impression of this dough is that the texture is smoother than other dough we have experienced and the added scent makes opening each jar exciting. I limited my daughter’s play to one jar at a time initially, because I hate when the colors become mixed together. When they inevitably do mix together, I will be buying a new set and look forward to experiencing the new smells.

If you are interested in your own set of this dough, check out Doughberry on Etsy. It is sold in sets of 4, seasonal packs, and party favors, and any order is fully customizeable.

Disclaimer: We were provided with our own Doughberry in exchange for a product review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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