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Hi there! I’m Lacey from Healthy Little Handful. I am a full time elementary reading teacher and mommy to an almost 2 year old little handful who absolutely refuses to eat her veggies! I am very new to the mom blog world and super excited to be a part of Take a Taste Tuesday. My blog Healthy Little Handful focuses on incorporating healthy ingredients into my daughter’s diet in hidden ways. When my daughter began baby led weaning at 6 months old she loved to try all fruits and vegetables, but around the age of 10 months she started refusing any and all veggies. Because I didn’t want her missing out on all those awesome nutrients, I had to become creative in how I got her to eat them. I began creating recipes with hidden veggies and other healthy ingredients, while still offering her veggies in their true form at the same time. My hope is that someday she will learn to love her veggies, but for now I will continue hiding them in every way I can!

One of my current favorite recipes for hiding veggies are cauliflower tortillas. In our house we absolutely LOVE tortillas. There is not a week that goes by where I am not using them, so I decided to try a much healthier tortilla option. Just in case you didn’t already know, cauliflower is considered a super food. It is sometimes overlooked because a lot of people consider “white food” to be less nutritious (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta). While it is true we should be eating a rainbow, we cannot forget that cauliflower is absolutely packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Actually, there are so many awesome benefits to cauliflower that I can’t even list them all without going completely overboard! Give it a Google and you will be amazed!

I keep my recipe for cauliflower tortillas pretty simple because I love to use them for so many different things. You could absolutely spice up this recipe with extra seasonings and other flavors of cheese depending on how you plan to use them. I also love to make a batch of these tortillas and freeze them so I can quickly put together a lunch for my little one in no time at all. Here is how we love to use cauliflower tortillas:


I have to tell you, my daughter does not typically eat tacos or any other form of ground beef. I first tried this recipe for cauliflower tortillas on taco night and was completely amazed. Not only did she eat her entire taco, but she was able to pick up the tortilla and eat it like a true pro. The texture of these tortillas is more like a “hash brown” than a regular tortilla, so it is soft and easy for little ones to bite into.

Mini Pizzas:

Since my daughter took to the cauliflower tortilla so well as a taco shell I decided to try and expand its use. One of my quick and easy meal options has always been tortilla pizzas and my daughter loves them. I first made my daughter a cauliflower pizza on her Mimi’s day to watch her. I came home from work and her grandmas said, “She sure did love that pizza mom, she ate the whole thing!” When I told her that the crust was made of cauliflower she absolutely couldn’t believe it!

Grilled cheese:

This is such a quick and simple lunch to throw together for your little one, whether you call it a grilled cheese and serve it with tomato soup, or call it a quesadilla and serve it with a side of salsa and sour cream. All you need to do is melt some of your little ones favorite cheese in between 2 cauliflower tortillas and you have a delicious, healthy, and easy meal. I usually do this in a pan on the stove as opposed to the microwave so that the extra crispiness helps hold the grilled cheese/quesadilla together better.

The possibilities with these cauliflower tortillas are endless. I hope you and your little ones enjoy this recipe and can think of even more delicious ways to use them. Here is my recipe for cauliflower tortillas:

Cauliflower Tortillas

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Servings: about 10 tortillas


  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 cup of finely shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste


1.) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2.) Begin by cutting up your head of cauliflower. Cut it into chunks and transfer to a colander to wash. Once washed, transfer small batches to your food processor. You may need to do 3-4 batches to ensure you get the right texture. Pulse the food processor a couple of times to “rice” your cauliflower. Empty the riced cauliflower into a bowl and continue with another batch. Once all cauliflower has been “riced” transfer back into the food processor.

2.) Once all cauliflower has been “riced” transfer      cauliflower to a thin dish cloth and ring as much water out as you can. After water has been drained     transfer cauliflower back into the food processor.
3.) In the food processor combine your cauliflower with 2 eggs, cheese, salt, and pepper. Pulse a few times until ingredients are combined.
4.) Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicon baking mat.
5.) Roll cauliflower mixture into golf ball sized balls and spread out on the baking sheet. I can usually fit about 6 tortillas on a baking sheet at a time.

6.) Press the tortillas down with your hand until they are completely flat and thin just like a tortilla.

7.) Place in the oven to bake, flipping once the edges start to turn brown (about 10 minutes) and cooking for another 10 minutes on the other side.

8.) Serve and eat right away with your favorite fillings or place into the freezer and allow to freeze for a couple of hours before placing in a freezer storage bag. Defrost and reheat them to make pizzas, grilled cheese, and more!

I hope you enjoy this recipe for cauliflower tortillas and would love to hear of any new and delicious ways you use them in your cooking! If you are interested in more hidden veggie recipes you can find them at www.healthylittlehandful.com and on instagram @healthylittlehandful.

Each Tuesday for the next several weeks a fellow mom/friend/community member will be sharing a fun recipe, tips to include kids in the cooking process, or a great family restaurant for “Take a Taste Tuesday.” If you are interested in sharing your eating and/or cooking fun be sure to connect with me via email!

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