My name is Signe (Sig-Knee!).

I was born and raised in German Village in Columbus, Ohio.

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Undergrad took me to Ohio University in Athens for awhile (another one of my favorite places!), but graduate school at OSU brought me back to Columbus where I earned a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology. I am now a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist working primarily in the early intervention setting (little kiddos).


I am currently living in Columbus, Ohio, with my husband, our daughter, and our cat, Olive. I am somewhat obsessed with my little family!


I spend my days working as a Speech Language Pathologist, and my nights and weekends exploring the city of Columbus. I love how fast Columbus is growing and changing. It seems as if there is a new restaurant, shop, or park to explore nearly every week.

I began thinking about this blog when we found out we were expecting a baby girl. The newest addition to our family arrived in July 2015. With her arrival, I have decided to combine all the adventures of my life in one place. This blog combines my newest love of motherhood with my current loves of promoting language as a speech language pathologist and exploring everything the city of Columbus has to offer.

My hope is that this blog is a platform for sharing tips and techniques that promote language development at home and while exploring the City of Columbus. I have studied speech and language development and worked as a Speech Language Pathologist for a few years, but now I am experiencing language development first hand with my little girl. I am excited to explore the city with my babe and share the hits (and misses) from these first hand experience. Stay tuned to see what adventures this new mom and her baby have in store.

Thanks for following!